SeniorGrowth is a global data-analytics technology company dedicated to improving the quality of life for elderly and vulnerable individuals. SeniorGrowth’s products run on their data-driven care platform which enables care providers to personalize their services, track their client’s progress, and measure their impact in order to improve the outcomes for all their clients.

SeniorGrowth powers care service providers around the world, improving their clients’ quality of life across United States, Europe, and Asia.


I joined the team from the early version of the app (v1). Seniorgrowth v1 is basically a proof of concept stage, they wanted to get it live as soon as possible. It was using a template built with bootstrap and jquery. My first task is to help them complete the v1 development.

Some functionalities were not working properly the responsive issues were never been prioritized. I spent the first 2 weeks to fix those issue so they can present it to the investors.

Everything was working according to plan and the CEO contacted me to start building the v2 of their app. It was a complete revamp. When you think about a total site revamp, you'd know it can be a total rewrite. That's true, almost 80% of the codes were unusable, but I tried to use most of the existing code related to the charting and refactor them to be more manageable.

I bet they were never thinking much about the code quality on the client-side codebase, but I don't judge. Move fast and break things, right?


They asked me to build the v2 using React "the new bright guy in the block". Even though I only had a few months working with React before, I felt I've mastered the core concept of it, because you know, it's just a library, and the learning curve from the React itself was not that steep. The real challenge was over the configuration to get it up and running. That was an opportunity for me to know more about the ecosystem and my client trusted me to try it in production, I can't complain!

It was a bleeding-edge those days in 2015. I used Webpack as the bundlers and had to manually custom every config myself, including the code splitting, decide which loaders to use, etc. It wasn't like now, where I can just run the react-script and everything will be set automagically.


I stayed to work with this client for almost 3 years, until the platform was used by senior care agency in United States, Europe, and Asia.

Technologies Used
React, Redux, Python, WordPress, Webpack


I’m a frontend specialist, a full-stack developer. For the past 8 years, I've been working with startups and companies to create great products.