Think Health


A platform to manage care organizations, which features include client and team management, assessments, insights, billings, and electronic visits.


My main responsibility was to take in charge of client-side applications which includes the development of website and mobile application.

Starting from defining software requirements, scrum planning, configure deployment & continuous integration for client-side app and the implementation which includes coding and testing.

I was also involved in backend/server development and creating design for the mobile app.

Web App

Web application for managing team, conducting assessments, creating care-plan for clients, and manage the visits.

The development goal is to make our small team (3 members) to be full-stack and comfortable to work across the app.

We use rails and vue.js. Both works in harmony to build a versatile application. With prebuilt components that quasar is provided, it let us focus more on the implementation and deliver the app quickly to the user.

Technologies Used
Rails, ActionCable, Twilio, Vue, Vuex, Quasar, Typescript, Heroku

Mobile App

An electronic visit app that allows caregivers to check-in, complete tasks, and collect signatures during the client's visits. It integrates with the web platform through rails action-cable which allowing the nurse managers to see visit progress in realtime.

Technologies Used
ReactNative, Expo, NativeBase, Redux, Typescript

Web/Mobile Design

The design process includes an understanding of the business requirements, interviewing product owners, creating low/high fidelity design, and creating an interactive prototype for testing.

Technologies Used
Design, Sketch, Marvelapp, Figma


I’m a frontend specialist, a full-stack developer. For the past 8 years, I've been working with startups and companies to create great products.